Could Not Validate Source – Error 254

On the Macintosh Operating System, the user gets great flexibility to do various different operations and better computing. But if something goes wrong then you get the error messages that include some Error Code with little description about the error. The Error can be occur due to many reasons like application corruption, system files corruption, data loss or inaccessibility or any user activity that permits to change the system configurations in a wrong manner. There are large list of errors which is available over the Apple Knowledge Base. One of the Errors that occurs:

Could Not Validate Source – Error 254

This is an error message that can come when restoring ISO file to a thumb drive or external USB drive.

    The causes of this error are:
  • The ISO is running the wrong file system
  • Corrupt or Damaged ISO

This error message indicates that the ISO image has been corrupted and the Mac is unable to validate it for writing on the thumb drive. If you have the source files still present whose ISO is created then simple make a new ISO and delete the old ISO file but if you don’t have it then you must need to save this corrupted ISO image.

Other than that there are chances of disk corruption that caused ISO file to be corrupted and this need to disk repair. You can try with the Disk Utility to find and repair disk problems but this does not work every time. So over here you need to take the help of professional data recovery software for Mac OSX. For this Macintosh Data Recovery is ideal.

The Macintosh Data Recovery is capable to recover the corrupted files (system & user both) which have been deleted, lost or inaccessible and cause problems with other application or with Operating system. It is made using strong searching algorithms that recover lost Mac data and make all the corrupted files back to normal. After you scan the media using Mac Data Recovery, you will be able to burn/restore ISO on Thumb drive.